The Arusha Naaz Hotel was established in the year 1973 and since then has been providing its customers with satisfaction and joy that has led to the hotel’s success. The Hotel currently has twenty one rooms, each one eloquently designed and furnished to provide persons from all backgrounds the most comforting of stays in this bustling safari capital of East Africa. Its perfect location, situated in the centre of the city of Arusha, makes it ideal for all, with restaurants and supermarkets being only within walking distance from the hotel.


Hotel guests enjoy a scrumptious continental breakfast as part of the package, which ranges from some of the freshest fruits of East Africa to custom-made Spanish omelettes, a speciality of the Naaz Restaurant which is within the hotel’s premises.


The Arusha Naaz Rent-A-Car is also within the property and hotel guests are given first priority in selecting safari packages of their choice, with the option of taking on the challenge of driving through some of the bumpiest roads within the national parks or being chauffeured and guided through a few of the world’s leading tourist attractions.


We welcome you to the land of Kilimanjaro and spices where we ensure that your stay will be most enjoyable and we promise you that if given the opportunity to serve, we will not disappoint.


We look forward to serving you.